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Sisso ARTNER: gartner sissiraduated in Hungarian Language and Literature & Adult Education at ELTE in 1990, graduated at Sociology Studies in Ethnic and Minority Specialisation in 2004 at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU and EU Diplomacy in 2006 from Pázmány Péter University. She is cultural journalist, author, editor, critic of theatre, dance theatre and pop music at cultural-political weekly Magyar Narancs, writing for other papers (HVG,,, Member of Lábán Joury (the only hungarian contemporary dance price). From 2005: is founding editor and activist at Tűsarok (independent women`s periodical) and from 2010: editor-in-chief and activist at human rights content provider and community site Teaching journalism and communication at (PTE), Pécs University, at ZEN project.


bacs miklosMiklós BÁCS Ph D.habil. : actor at the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, and also founder and associate professor of the Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babeş- Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, where he has been teaching since 1991. He trained with Lohinszky Loránd, Anatolij Vasiliev, Yoshi Oida, David Zinder. He performed in more than 60 plays under the direction of Mihai Măniuţiu, Silviu Purcărete, Tompa Gábor, Vlad Mugur, David Zinder, Bocsárdi László, Elia Malka, Dominique Serrand, etc. Besides publishing theatre studies and articles, he is also author of the books: The propedeutics of theatrical nonverbal language, (2012), “Mask” and “Role” – Identities and Differences (2007), The Great Masked Man (2007). He took part in many international and national theatre festivals, as well as in international tours in: Great Britain, Finland, Portugal, Germany, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Moldavia, Ireland, Italy, Columbia, Makedonia – receiving several awards in Romania and also one in The Great Britain. He is member of the UNITER (Theater Union of Romania) Senat 2011-2014.


BataritaBATARITA: choreographer, dancer, director, teacher, set and costume designer, director of the KINJIKI International Performing Arts Festival in Budapest. Her works – uniquely in Hungary – have strong relation to the Asian culture, especially to butoh dance. She graduated as a choreographer from the Hungarian Dance Academy.
Since 2000 she has her own dance company. Her invitations to work and study abroad include: Paris, Vienna, Bangkok, Tokyo, Munmak. Since 2003 she has won several prizes, awards and study trips. In 2009 she directed three operas at the Hungarian National Opera House. Workshops held by her on butoh and instinct dance: Singapore, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Austria, Germany, Ecuador and Thailand.


bocsardi laszloLászló BOCSÁRDI: stage director and managing director of the Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfintu Gheorghe, RO. After graduating as a chemical engineer and being well received by theatre professionals for his cutting-edge performances, he graduated in stage directing at the University of Arts, Tirgu Mures, RO in 1995. He soon brought the Tamási Áron Theatre to a high professional success that has never been encountered by the company before. Tours and awards were received by him and the actors of his company at festivals in Cluj, Craiova, Bucuresti, Sibiu (RO), Kisvárda, Pécs, Budapest (HU), and Gdansk, Radom, Torun, Ulm. He is one of the very few stage directors who gained a huge critical acclaim both in Hungary and Romania. Currently he also teaches a class of stage directors at the University of Arts, Tirgu Mures, RO.



demeny peterPéter DEMÉNY: writer, essayist, poet, who published nine volumes in many genres. Graduated from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, RO, in Hungarian and Romanian literature, he is one of the few Hungarian writers who publishes essays in both languages in both media, such as:,,, He holds lectures at the university he graduated from and takes part from the editorial of Játéktér (Playing Area).




goda gaborGábor GODA: choreographer, director, writer and performer. Studied theatre since 1981 in the mime company Corpus of András M. Kecskés, later graduated the Academy of Theatre and Film, Budapest, HU as director and choreographer. In 1985 he founded his company, Artus, and in 1997 he founded the Artus Contemporary Arts Lab: in a huge factory area, 32 dancers, choreographers, stage and costume designers, composers, painters, architects and sculptors share a space of 2000m2. He developed the weight-flow-contact training that he teaches to professionals and nonprofessionals as well. He held trainings in Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, USA and Great Britain.



gyorgy andreaAndrea GYÖRGY: teacher and critic, graduated from Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, in Hungarian Language and Literature and English Language and Literature. She is completing her PhD at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Aesthetics Doctoral Programme. As a guest lecturer she has taught at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Tirgu-Mures and University of Arts, Tirgu Mures, RO.




kelemen kingaKinga KELEMEN: cultural manager working with several NGOs in Cluj. She is founder and director of GroundFloor Group, a contemporary dance association, producer of dance and theatre performances and exchanges, and an International Contact Improvisation Festival. Also member of the board of Fabrica de Pensule (opened in 2009), a new, independent contemporary art space running in a former paintbrush factory, where she is programming theatre and dance events in a black box type studio of 220 sqm. She was employed by the Hungarian State Theatre Cluj (1999-2007) as head of Marketing, Image and Pr Department and coordinator of important international theatre festivals. She is assistant lecturer at Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television since 2002. As a researcher, her interest is in Arts and Cultural Management and Cultural Policies. She is a PhD student at the same Faculty since October 2009.


Koto jozsefJózsef KÖTŐ, PhD: researcher, university professor, cultural organizer. He has started his career as a teacher of Theatre Histories. From 1965 he worked at the Hungarian National Theatre, Cluj, RO as literary advisor. Between 1985 and 1990 he was managing director of the same theatre. He received his PhD in Theatre Histories in 1984 and continued teaching as Associate Professor at the Theatre Department of the Babes-Bolyai Unversity, Cluj. Throughout his career he was Member of Parliament representing the rights of Hungarian minorities in Romania and later president of NGOs. His main research area is the ethnic Hungarian theatre history in the inter-war period – a topic that brings up several political, cultural and social issues in the Romanian-Hungarian relationship and is to be approached by cross-cultural means. He published more than 100 studies in theatre periodicals and 6 volumes of studies. He considers his most important work the lexicon of the Transylvanian theatre in the inter-war period.


musca szabolcsSzabolcs MUSCA: graduated from the Babes- Bolyai University Cluj, Romania. He is a PhD candidate and assistant teacher at the Department of Drama: Theatre, Film and TV at the University of Bristol (UK). He has published articles and reviews in the Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance (UK), Játéktér, Korunk, Erdélyi Riport, Szabadság, and A Hét (Romania), (Hungary) and currently is a commissioned writer for Theatre Journal (USA). He is currently working on his research project entitled Translating Dramaturgies. Theatre Translation and Dramaturgical Practices. He is an active member of the Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy Working Group within the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR- FIRT).



proics lillaLilla PROICS: graduated from the first class of Theatre Critics’ Course at the Bárka Theatre, Budapest, HU. She has been writing reviews, essays, interviews, tvmonitoring material for more than fifteen years for: Duna TV, Magyar Narancs, Ellenfény, Zsöllye, Színház,,, Kisvárdai Lapok,, Könyvjelző,  and she works for the independent Tilos Rádió. She was member of the jury at the Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Minority Theatres.




sebestyen ritaRita SEBESTYÉN, PhD: graduated in Theatre Studies from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, RO and took her PhD in the Aesthetics of the Ancient Greek theatre at the Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, HU ( She has taught creative writing and theatre aesthetics as guest lecturer at universities in Hungary and Romania. As a dramaturge she has made stage adaptations for awardwinning productions of theatres both in Hungary and Romania, and as an essayist has contributed to volumes of studies and theatre magazines in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and France. Her first book of literature The Fourteenth (A Tizennegyedik) was published in 2010. With colleagues and former teachers and students co-founded the theatre periodical Játéktér (Playing Area) and being its editor-in-chief as well. In May 2013 she initiated the Representations of the Other project.


Ungvari ildikoIldikó UNGVÁRI ZRÍNYI, PhD: graduated from the Babes-Bolyai University Cluj, Romania. She is associate professor at the University of Arts, Faculty of Arts in Hungarian, Theatre Department. She has been teaching Theatre studies, Theatre Anthropology and Performance Analysis at this institution from 1992. Her books are: The Existence of Life to be Seen (2001), Reading Theatre Scenery (2004), The Anthropology of Theatre (2006), Is the Body of Theatre Made of Images? (2011). She is responsible editor of the theatre studies review Symbolon and editor the Transylvanian theatre periodical Játéktér (Playing Area). Alongside her scientific activity she is an active dramaturg and translator.


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